Charlie Maykut Fair Play Award--Least Penalized Team

Charlie Maykut

Charlie was born in Brandon and grew up there.  Many, many hours were spent on the outdoor lighted rink near his home.  He also taught himself tennis by hitting the ball against the wall of David Livingstone School just “for fun” but gaining expertise. Sometime during these years he saved up enough money from his paper route (or railroading) to buy a custom made pair of skates. Obviously hockey was very important to him even as a teenager.  In later years he grew to love golf, X-country and downhill skiing.  He very much enjoyed the Carman Collegiate ski trips.

In 1957-58, he attended Grade 12 at the new Composite High School in Brandon where he was school president.  He also worked full time for the railroad on the evening shift to help support his mom and younger sister.
Charlie obtained his B.Sc. from the University of Manitoba in 1969, after which he and Marlene moved to Carman.  Charlie taught in the Midland School Division, first for a brief term after University in 1969 at Elm Creek, followed by two years of teaching in Roland before a position as a math teacher became available at Carman Collegiate in 1971.  The years at Carman Collegiate were very good ones for him.  His sociable nature and great sense of humour made him a lot of fun to be around.  (At his funeral in 1990, Rev. Ralph Donnelly described him as being a man “without malice”.   This view would be supported by those who knew him well.)  At the Collegiate he spent many years being the staff advisor for the yearbook committee, another task he enjoyed.

For multiple years his son Larry, played with the Cougars Hockey Team.  During these years Charlie volunteered to be manager of the team.  This endeavour involved many hours of keeping stats, tending to the business side of things and of course traveling with and supporting the team in every way.  In 1988, the team won the Zone 4 Championship against Winkler, as well as the Provincials against John Taylor Collegiate.  After Charlie’s death the Cougars wanted to honour him and initiated an award for least penalty minutes throughout the year.  This was a very good fit with Charlie’s personality, because to him, winning was not nearly as important as enjoying the game and being a good sport.

This award was created in 1990.

1990/91--Carman Cougars (267 PIM, 17 GP--15.71 PIM/GP)
1992/93--Morden Mohawks (366 PIM, 20 GP, 18.30 PIM/GP)
1993/94--GVC Zodiacs (335 PIM, 21 GP--15.95 PIM/GP)
1994/95--MCI Blues (304 PIM, 20 GP, 15.20 PIM/GP)
1995/96--MCI Blues (205 PIM, 20 GP, 10.25 PIM/GP)
1997/98--MCI Blues (208 PIM, 22 GP, 9.45 PIM/GP)
1998/99--Carman Cougars (444 PIM, 22 GP, 20.18 PIM/GP)
1999/00--Pembina Tigers (381 PIM, 24 GP, 15.88 PIM/GP)
2000/01--MCI Blues (256 PIM, 20 GP, 12.80 PIM/GP)
2001/02--Carman Cougars (315 PIM, 22 GP, 14.31 PIM/GP)
2002/03--Carman Cougars (331 PIM, 21 GP, 15.76 PIM/GP)
2003/04--Miller Aces (234 PIM, 18 GP, 13.00 PIM/GP)
2004/05--MCI Blues (261 PIM, 21 GP--12.43 PIM/GP)
2005/06--W.C. Miller Aces (355 PIM, 20 GP--17.75 PIM/GP)
2006/07--Morden Thunder (446 PIM, 24 GP--18.58 PIM/GP)
2007/08--MCI Blues (274 PIM, 24 GP--11.42 PIM/GP)
2008/09--GVC Zodiacs (226 PIM, 24 GP--8.42 PIM/GP)
2009/10--MCI Blues (211 PIM, 24 GP--8.79 PIM/GP)
2010/11--GVC Zodiacs (210 PIM, 24 GP--8.75 PIM/GP)
2011/12--Morris Mavericks (249 PIM, 21 GP--11.86 PIM/GP)
2012/13--Morris Mavericks (180 PIM, 21 GP--8.57 PIM/GP)
2013/14--Northlands Parkway Collegiate Nighthawks (152 PIM, 21 GP--7.24 PIM/GP)
2014/15--Garden Valley Collegiate (165 PIM, 24 GP--6.88 PIM/GP)
2015/16--Morden Thunder (208 PIM, 24 GP--8.67 PIM/GP)
2016/17--GVC Zodiacs (177 PIM, 24 GP--6.88 PIM/GP)
2017/18--Carman Cougars (191 PIM, 24 GP--7.96 PIM/GP)
2017/18--Carman Cougars (203 PIM, 24 GP--8.46 PIM/GP)

Least Penalized Before the Award was Officially Awarded

1980/81--GVC Zodiacs (? PIM, 16 GP--? PIM/GP)--Source 83/84 GVC Yearbook
1981/82--GVC Zodiacs (? PIM, 16 GP--? PIM/GP)--Source 83/84 GVC Yearbook
1982/83--GVC Zodiacs (? PIM, 16 GP--? PIM/GP)--Source 83/84 GVC Yearbook
1983/84--GVC Zodiacs (? PIM, 16 GP--? PIM/GP)--Source 83/84 GVC Yearbook
1989/90--GVC Zodiacs (337 PIM, 15 GP--22.47 PIM/GP